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Hockey Pathways

Not sure about what level your participant should be in? This is to help with clarification on the different levels of hockey and the pathways a participant can follow.

U7 (ages 5-6)

Introduction to hockey with the focus on fun while developing skating and hockey skills in a structured format. Games are all half ice. It provides a positive beginning to the sport. Full hockey equipment is required.

U9 (ages 7-8)

It is the proven foundation of early skills development AND love of the game, the overall goal of the U9 program is to teach the foundational skills of hockey while having fun. Games will be played half-ice from October through December and may transition to full ice January 15 or later.

U11 (ages 9-10)

U11 takes the basic skills learned in previous age divisions and takes them to full ice games. The players develop and refine the skills of skating, passing, puck control and shooting in a progressive step by step manner, all through fun and fair play.

U13 (ages 11-12)

U13 builds upon previously taught skills, emphasizing speed and proficiency. Players can continuously refine fundamental movement, manipulation, motor skills, and checking skills  in a fun and safe environment. This structured progression fosters self-confidence and skill development.

U15 (ages 13-14)

The main goal is to offer programming that meets the needs of the players who want to play the game for fun as well those that have their sights on the competitive / high performance pathway. Introduces, develops and refines technical skills, individual tactics and team play to create well rounded, skilled players.

U18 (ages 15-17)

The aim is to cater to players seeking both enjoyment and those aspiring for competitive excellence. We introduce, enhance, and polish technical skills, strategies, and teamwork, fostering versatile and adept players. This program balances the thrill of the game with a focus on skill refinement, ensuring players of all aspirations thrive in a supportive environment.