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Ensuring that every player has the opportunity to participate in a hockey program.

Did you know that there are funding options available to assist with your child's hockey registration fees? Explore the links below to learn more about programs that could provide support in covering these expenses.

We strive to make hockey accessible to all by offering various resources and avenues for assistance.

Criminal Record Check

You can now get a Criminal Record Check done easily online and free.
The following website provides the instructions, website link, access code and the file required to apply.
If you require a criminal record check, it can be submitted online.
Access Code: 687JCL28MP

All Coaching Staff, Managers, Trainers, Team Moms, etc. must have a valid Criminal Record Check in place with Hockey Canada in order to be permitted to participate with a minor hockey team in any way.

Additional Links & Resources

First Shift

We believe in all hockey has to offer kids, their families and our communities. The NHL/NHLPA First Shift was designed to facilitate entry into hockey by offering a program that is accessible, affordable, safe, and most importantly, fun!

We cannot wait to help your kids fall in love with hockey.